“In the Graveyard” / “Little Witch”

Split 7″ single (MZR02)

Our second MONGREL ZINE RECORDS release: a split 7” single featuring “In the Graveyard” by BLOODSHOT BILL and “Little Witch” by RICHARD CATWRANGLEUR (MZR02, October 2013)

Limited edition of 300 copies on opaque orange vinyl.

MZR02 record and coverBLOODSHOT BILL is a greasy-haired, pajama-clad rock’n’roller from Montreal. He’s put out dozens of releases including records with Mark “BBQ” Sultan as THE DING-DONGS, with King Khan as TANDOORI KNIGHTS, and has a new LP, The Lonesome Road, out now on Norton Records.

RICHARD CATWRANGLEUR records experimental & psychedelic pop songs under various monikers (CATWRANGLEUR, MASTS, MOON KREEPS). Recorded out of a backyard shed in Vancouver using an ancient computer and borrowed equipment, this is the first vinyl release from RICHARD CATWRANGLEUR. “Little Witch” features Steve Ferreira (DEAD GHOSTS, CHAINS OF LOVE) on drums.

Cover artwork by BOB SCOTT.



Artwork by Bob Scott

“Candy” / “Holding the Devil’s Hand”

Split 7″ single (MZR01)

We’re excited to announce MONGREL ZINE RECORDS’ first release: “Candy” / “Holding The Devil’s Hand”, a split 7″ single (MZR01, April 2013) with RED MASS and CINDY LEE.

Limited edition of 650 copies on black vinyl.

Created by ROY VUCINO (CPC GANGBANGS, LES SEXAREENOS, THE MILKY WAYS), RED MASS is a psychedelic rock’n’roll collective of artists, writers, and musicians from around the globe. Based in Montreal, RED MASS has released a slew of 7″ singles, 10″s, EPs, records, and experimental releases since 2008. “Candy” features CHOYCE (vocals, bass), HANNAH L IS DEAD (backup vocals), ARIANE GRUET-PELCHAT (violin), SABA LOU (keyboard), MARK SULTAN (bongos, shakers) & KING KHAN (theremin, toys). RED MASS is interviewed in MONGREL ZINE #6.

CINDY LEE is a new project from PATRICK FLEGEL (WOMEN) and MORGAN COOK (YUNG MUMS) with JULIE TAYLOR (YUNG MUMS) on bass. This is the first vinyl release from a haunting duo from Vancouver. Featured in MONGREL ZINE #11.

Cover artwork by BOB SCOTT.



MZR01“Fantastic single shared by Montreal’s Red Mass (who manage to bring Jefferson Airplane into the futurist garage rock era with the help of King Khan) and Vancouver’s Cindy Lee (who evoke the same timeless vibe as Chris D & Julie Christensen’s early duets in a very sparse setting).” (Byron Coley, The Wire)

“Considering the trashy chaos that is Mongrel Zine I’m surprised how elegant their premiere 45 is. Red Mass deliver a pretty 13th Floor Elevator-esque burner and Cindy Lee conducts some kind of scary hynotism/exorcism/séance. I am blissfully disturbed!” (Roctober)

“The Red Mass line-up for ‘Candy’ will surely get fans excited – Roy is joined by Mark Sultan and King Khan, with help from Saba Lou, Hannah and a French lass on violin. It’s a good and long acoustic freak-out, with bongos, shakers, theremin, keyboards, strings, children’s toys and more instrumentation making for a real jam session feel. Cindy Lee is a band, not a person, a two piece with ex-members of Women and Yung Mums. It’s a very quiet and wispy piece of acoustic melancholia, guitars plucked so gently and vocals laden with such soft echo that it barely exists.” (RK, Terminal Boredom)

“Side A is Red Mass’ ‘Candy’, a psychedelic single dripping with globe-trodden cool. Side B is a more mellow affair, featuring the first vinyl release of locals Cindy Lee. ‘Holding The Devil’s Hand’ channels Nico through lo-fi dirty blues; sparse guitar caked in abandoned-adobe-church echo leads the charge.” (Fraser Dobbs, Discorder)

“Red Mass main-man Choyce is joined by Mark ‘BBQ’ Sultan on bongos and King Khan on theremin for a hippy-dippy, love bead smoke-out. Cindy Lee’s tearjerker ‘Holding The Devil’s Hand’ has been a favourite at the HQ since the tape dropped a few months ago, so it’s a real treat to have it pressed on 45.” (Jesse Locke, Weird Canada)