MONGREL ZINE #11 is another flipzine that features a retrospective of ’60s Vancouver band UNITED EMPIRE LOYALISTS, plus interviews with Vancouver soul band CHAINS OF LOVE, Chicago’s WHITE MYSTERY, CINDY LEE (who are on our first record release!), freaky artist WILFORD BARRINGTON, Sean Aaberg of weirdo magazine PORK, the guys behind LA-TI-DA RECORDS, experimental noise artist ALEXANDRA GUTNIK, a crazy good interview with Aaron Levin of the website WEIRD CANADA, comics, reviews, and more!

Includes download code for RED MASS / CINDY LEE Split 7″ on MONGREL ZINE RECORDS (MZR01)

(April 2013, 104 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) CLICK TO BUY


It wasn’t until MZ #4 that we really nailed how we want the zine to look, by decreasing the zine’s size from 8.5″ x 11″ to 7″ x 8.5″, dropping the expensive colour cover, and including a CD Comp with each issue. So we are excited to finally have our Best of MZ #1-3 out which has all the look and content our zine is now known for!

This Best Of issue is a digest sized zine with reprinted interviews from Mark Sultan (MZ#3), the last CPC Gangbangs interview (MZ#2), Bloodshot Bill (MZ#3), Rick Trembles (MZ#3), Cinema Sewer‘s Robin Bougie (MZ#1), The Tranzmitors (MZ#3), and the Pack A.D. (MZ#1). There’s new stuff on here too, including a brand new King Khan interview, another Storytime with Jeff Clarke, and an all new CD Comp featuring odds and ends we’ve had for a while that may not have fit on other comps. Click here for tracklist

(July 2011, 58 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) CLICK TO BUY


Six months have breezed by since we released our last issue and we’re back with a new flipzine! Cartoonist Colin Upton gives us an in-depth history of underground comics over tea at his East Van apartment, Piero Ilov from Jack of Heart (France), considered the “chaos element” in Hell Shovel, thinks we’re crass, electronic artist with a new LP out on Goner Records Mr. Quintron gets paper thrown at him by little shits while working as a living exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Strange Attractor ponders the mystery of The Gruesomes’ wigs, Human Eye’s Johnny LZR waxes poetic on composers and astrophysics, and from Vancouver The Jolts and The Spreads, from Montreal Primitive HandsCherie French, and Shortpants RomanceThe Shrapnelles from Calgary, retrospectives on ’60s garage band The Reekers & The Hangmen and ’70s punk band The Zellots, plus columns, reviews, and a SXSW Journal!

Included: Mongrel Zine No. 10 CD Comp with 25 mostly unreleased tracks from Indian Wars, Yung Mums, The Spreads, Strange Attractor, plus Quintron, The Reekers, Jack of Heart, Hell Shovel, LZR/LZR, Skip Jensen, and more! Click here for tracklist

(May 2011, 102 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) CLICK TO BUY


After a shitty summer, we’re finally back with a new flipzine… just in time for a cold snowy winter! In this one, Bob goes to Calgary’s Sled Island Festival and hangs out with Hell Shovel (Jeff from Demon’s Claws, Dale from Chocolat, and Bloodshot Bill), our Indian Wars friend and cover model (on the flipside) Fraser hips us to poster artist Ben Lyon, Gigi French/Giselle Numba One schools us on white magic and Red Mass, Topless Mongos draw us a Nü Sensae comic interview, and tonnes more including Ty Segall, Pat Meteor, Persian Claws, Johannah Jørgensen, The Granny Smiths, Kirk Special, Blue Sunshine Psychotronic Film Centre, and Storytime with Jeff Clarke!

Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 9 , a 26 song CD COMP that kicks off with all the best Vancouver garage bands: SHIMMERING STARS, RICHARD CATWRANGLEUR, INDIAN WARS, THE SPREADS, BABES ON THE BEACH, YUNG MUMS, and THE GRANNY SMITHS. Plus RED MASS, HELL SHOVEL, and more. Click here for tracklist

(December 2010, 106 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) CLICK TO BUY


We’ve got another hot lil digest-sized flipzine featuring Mark Sultan, Jacuzzi Boys, Subhumans (Canada), Tandoori Knights (King Khan & Bloodshot Bill), The Midwest Beat, Wendy Norton (Plexi 3, The Flips), Student Teacher, Those Darlins, Ottawa’s White Wires, the KKBBQ Show’s Invisible Girl artist Johnny Sampson, James T. Kirks, Sonic Avenues, drawings by Andrea Baeza, a Meiko Kaji Retrospect, and OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SAY… MR. CHI PIG and BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED DOCUMENTARIES.

Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 5, a 24 song CD COMP that kicks off with Mark Sultan’s “Nobody But You (Alternate Take)”, takes a turn for the weird with Spider’s “Boozetown”off their Thriftstore EP and two unreleased Red Mass songs, and ends up with a “hidden” unreleased track by Montreal’s Broken Jugs, “Why You Laugh at Me”. Click here for tracklist.

(May 2010, 94 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) SOLD OUT


The new Halloween issue of Mongrel Zine is full of spooky delights! Haunted George schools us on Halloween sound effects and his Garagepunk podcast Haunted Shack Theatre, King Louie charms us with tales of stealin’ Lil Wayne’s wardrobe girl and drinking with Fats Domino, Vancouver’s newest garage band Indian Wars find the best skateparks, Inservibles tell us about Mexico City’s best tacos from what is a shitty mechanics workshop during the day and taco stand by night, a rare interview with the late Billy Van from The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, vintage Halloween collector Mark Ledenbach, plus Box Elders, The TVees, Hard Feelings, HYPSTRZ, The Orpheans, Corpusse, Telekrimen, and tonnes more…

Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 4 CD Comp with 28 tracks including Bloodshot Bill’s “In the Graveyard…!” written especially for this Halloween issue of Mongrel Zine! Plus songs by Snuff Maximus (Haunted George), Deja Voodoo, Hellshovel (Jeff from Demon’s Claws), Last Rapes of Mr. Teach, Pinche Gringo, and a lotta others. Click here for tracklist.

(October 2009, 106 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) SOLD OUT


Mongréal Zine #6 + Vol. 3 CD Comp is our Montréal issue! We have interviews with Demon’s Claws, Red Mass, The Black Lips, Dead Ghosts, artist Mathieu ‘Trude’ Trudel, The Sunday Sinners, Bloodshot Bill, Manic Attracts, Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Gerard Van Herk (Deja Voodoo), Teenage Hookers, Petroleum By-Product, Simply Saucer plus other lubricants like a tribute to the late Sky Saxon, Mike Sniper (Blank Dogs), and reviews!

Plus Mongrel Zine Vol. 3, a 25-track CD Comp featuring unreleased songs from Red Mass, The Sunday Sinners, Demon’s Claws, Honey & Lies, Petroleum By-Product, Broken Jugs, plus songs from Bloodshot Bill, The Goodnight Loving, Thee Manipulators, The Trap Doors, The Gruesomes, The Evaporators, Manic Attracts, Ratas del Vaticano, Simply Saucer, Sedatives, and Hell Shovel. Click here for tracklist.

(August 2009, 110 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) SOLD OUT


Interviews inside with King Khan, The Spits, Pierced Arrows, the directors of Unknown Passage : The Dead Moon Story, Skip Jensen, Ratas del Vaticano, Chuck Violence, B-Lines, Rupert Bottenberg, CM Ruiz, The Speaking Tongues, The Girls of Beehive, Ayden Gallery, plus an article on Stef Petticoat and a tribute to the late Cramps frontman Lux Interior.

Also: Gary Pig Gold, Kirsten Easthope, Rot N Hell, Fingers, an exclusive introduction by Bobby Beaton, reviews, more!

Plus MONGREL ZINE VOL. 2, a 24-song CD Comp. Click here for tracklist.

(May 2009, 118 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) SOLD OUT


Inside we got interviews with Bev Davies, Holly Ruth Anderson, Thee B-Sides, The Gruesomes, Thee Manipulators, The Vicious Cycles, Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, The Angry Dragons, Little Red Sounds Studio in Vancouver, plus 7 pages of record reviews, drawings, and more… you can’t miss! Pick it up and check it out!

Plus MONGREL ZINE VOL. 1, a 22-song CD Comp. Click here for tracklist.

(December 2008, 82 pages, 7″ x 8.5″) SOLD OUT


It’s our most depraved issue so far. Permanently fucked Montreal cartoonist Rick Trembles is on the cover, inside are interviews with him plus the best fuckin musicians in Canada: Mark Sultan/BBQ, The Tranzmitors , The Pointed Sticks, Bloodshot Bill, Oily Chi, The Stolen Minks, and we meet Defektors. Plus drawings, Baron Fingers’ flipped out reviews, and more! And only 4 bucks!? Still cheaper than imported beer!

(August 2008, 40 pages, 8.5″ x 11″) SOLD OUT


Slim and skinny but still packing a whollop with I,Braineater as the cover interview, the last interview with Montreal’s CPC Gangbangs which involves finger fucking and The Wrath of Tron, a pot-fueled meandering chat with garage rockers The Trap Doors, precious wunderkinds The Green Hour Band, Andy Meyers from the ‘77 Toronto punk band The Scenics, we meet Dead Ghosts, plus drawings by Skip Jensen and Don Chambers, a chat with Dandelion Records, and Baron Fingers’ flipped out reviews. Not bad for two measly bucks!

(June 2008, 30 pages, 8.5″ x 11″) SOLD OUT


Our first issue printed April 2008 has interviews with artist Bob Scott, Seattle garage rockers The Paper Dolls, Vancouver blues band The Pack A.D., and Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie!

(April 2008, 8.5″ x 11″) SOLD OUT